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Conservative is an understatement when discussing the state of South Carolina but even with that being the case, they do offer some gambling options in the state. Unfortunately for sports fans none of those gambling options include sports betting in South Carolina. Don’t worry, though, there is an even better option to use to get all of your sports betting needs and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy it. Online sportsbooks are the way to go for South Carolina residents. Players get all of the gaming opportunities and betting odds that they would get at a live gambling site and so much more. This page will show you exactly what all online sportsbooks have to offer and even provide several reviews and recommendations for which sites are best for players in SC.

Does South Carolina Have Legal Land-Based Sports Betting?

South Carolina does not have land-based sports betting. The state doesn’t even have casinos, let alone sportsbooks. South Carolina has not welcomed these types of gambling establishments as of yet, but pressure from neighboring states might kick lawmakers into gear. There have been talks about legal state-regulated sports betting in S.C. but no bills have been signed into law. There are land-based sportsbooks in North Carolina for S.C. residents to travel to but, they are quite the distance for those located in Clemson. The most convenient option would instead be to use online sportsbooks located overseas that accept S.C. sports bettors. These sites have served South Carolina sports bettors since the early days of the internet and continue to serve them till this day.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In South Carolina?

South Carolina may be a strict state when it comes to gambling, but that doesn’t mean it has any legislation on Internet gambling. Online sports betting, you see, is a rather new thing. It takes gaming legislation years to build voter support and pass through state offices. That said, it is unlikely South Carolina will ever ban or prohibit online sports betting because it has no reason to.

South Carolina residents are well within their rights to place bets online. In fact, the only people who could ever be charged with breaking the law are those who own and operate online casino websites and sportsbooks. Since you likely do not, that isn’t much of a problem.

Which Sports Betting Sites Accept South Carolina Residents?

Since the state is unregulated, South Carolina residents are able to access most (if not all) sports gambling websites. The trick, though, is registering on websites that are safe, reliable, and easy enough to use that you do not run into any problems.

Any site you decide to register on should also have simple payment options, a wide variety of sports leagues to bet on, and 24/7 player support to help you with any questions. These websites are all different, too, and we recommend you to do some research and see what kinds of perks each site gives before making a deposit.

Facts About Legal Online Sports Betting In South Carolina

  • South Carolina has one of the smallest populations of gamblers.
  • College football is the most bet on sport in South Carolina and the Clemson Tigers are the most bet on team.
  • You can bet on sporting events, political races, TV shows and more all legally in South Carolina.
  • Deposit bonuses are real money that can dramatically increase your bankroll.

Bovada Sportsbook - The First Place To consider When Sports Betting In South Carolina

Bovada Sportsbook

Sports fans in South Carolina should be excited about Obovoid, and the potential this website brings to make big money from betting their favorite sports + on their favorite sports teams online. This online betting site is the very embodiment of quality, and after looking what they truly offer any resident of South Carolina would want to get their head examined if they thought otherwise. With just about every type of different betting lines + wager types you can imagine and more, Bovada is literally the entire package!

Bovada is one of the South Carolina betting sites that gives users the ability to bet on the go using their smartphones or network-connected tablet. This means users can go wherever they want to watch the game they want to bet on and still be able to add the extra excitement of winning money! Bovada's mobile sportsbook works with several popular device manufacturers including Apple, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more...pretty much anything with a browser and connection to the Internet.

SportsBetting's Sportsbook - From The Coast To The Mountains You Can Bet In S.C.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

No matter the sport, South Carolina's higher learning institutions have plenty of fanatical followers whether it be for the South Carolina Gamecocks, Clemson Tigers or even South Carolina's historically black colleges and universities. is a website where those fans can take their pride and put their money on the line to prove their allegiance while rooting on their favorite schools to victory...or cheering against their hated rivals! And even if you're not a fan of amateur athletics or don't believe in wagering on it, SportsBetting chock full of other options and professional sports leagues meaning there is quite a bit of earning potential.

How does SportsBetting beat the competition? Well for starters they are one of the few sites that supports live betting which allows users to keep the action going from the beginning to the end of the contest. Live betting is just a perk though, if you want to understand why they are a quality site and not just good enough, check out their website and be sure to take notice of all the payout + funding options available because these can really make your sports betting life a breeze!

BetOnline Sportsbook - You Will Receive A 50% Deposit Match Bonus

BetOnline Sportsbook

When it comes to putting that extra effort to be the best, no one compares to BetOnline's sportsbook. For over 10 years this website has been open to South Carolina residents and during that time they have refined the art of customer satisfaction. BetOnline makes sure to do everything possible to ensure every user, whether from Charleston to Greenville, has the absolute best service available in any state.

Looking to sign up at BetOnline? Any resident of South Carolina above 18 years old is welcome to register. And with sign up bonuses of 50% back on your first deposit there, how could you afford not to?!? Normally a hefty $1,000 would be enough but this sportsbook doesn't stop the bonuses after the first deposit...they wouldn't be one of the most recommended sportsbooks accepting South Carolina residents if they did. To follow up their generous welcome bonus every deposit made into a player's account can be eligible for another $1,000 bonus but only at a 25% match rate which is still very good! Look and you will find that you are going to have a hard time finding any other place willing to give as much back to the user.

Top South Carolina Sports Betting Sites

Online Sportsbooks
Bonuses Offered
US Players?
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50% up to $250
5 Star Rating
US Residents Welcome! Except DE, MD, NJ, NV
All States
50% up to $1,000
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50% up to $1,000
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100% up to $300
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50% up to $1,000
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All States

Other Types Of Gambling Available In South Carolina

South Carolina is often considered “strict” when it comes to gambling of any form. While it does have a few charity bingo halls that pop up from time to time as well as a state lottery, it is unlikely that in-state residents will ever see full-fledged casinos.

That said, there are still plenty of options for South Carolina sports bettors and casino gamblers. Because it is unregulated, you have more opportunities than ever to find a real-money gambling website for sports betting in South Carolina.

Does South Carolina Allow Pari-Mutuel Betting?

It is not easy to find live thoroughbred racing in South Carolina due to the state’s firm stance against gambling in the first place. There is the Carolina Cup every year at the Springdale Racecourse in Camden, however, not to mention tracks in nearby states.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet Sports Online In South Carolina?

The legal sports gambling age in South Carolina is 21 but the legal age to bet at the sportsbooks we review is only 18. I understand the temptation is there to start as early as possible but you should wait until you are 21 years old and adhere to the state laws. This will keep you out of any potential troubles and you won’t put your future gambling opportunities at risk.

What Teams Can I Bet On In South Carolina?

There aren’t a lot of South Carolina teams to bet on at these sportsbooks. As far as college teams are concerned, the South Carolina Gamecocks, and the Clemson Tigers are the two biggest names in the state. Both have prominent football, basketball, and baseball programs that you will most definitely find odds for at the top sites. Charleston Southern and Coastal Carolina are also two college athletic programs that you may be able to find odds on as well. There are no professional teams in the state but rest assured that whatever team you root for is available for wager at all of the recommended sportsbooks.

Can I Signup At More Than One Sportsbook?

You have every right to sign up for more than one sportsbook. If you feel like you want to experience the benefits and bonus opportunities from two different sites, then you are certainly welcome to do so. Creating two sportsbook accounts is also a common theme among high rollers because they want to double their banking limitations.

Why Was My Credit Card Declined At Bovada?

One of the only reasons why your credit card could be declined at Bovada, besides the possibility of you having insufficient funds, is that maybe your bank canceled the transaction. Big banks don’t like dealing with gambling sites, especially after the passing of the UIGEA bill. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act targets banks by banning gambling site transactions. This could be the issue so if that is the case, you should try using another banking method like Bitcoin for sports betting in South Carolina.